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Sell Your Old Textbooks Today!

If you have books left over from your previous year or semester that you know you just won’t be using anymore, why not put them in the hands of students who might? Texchange is a service dedicated to helping you do just that! Working together with the Guild’s Second Hand Bookshop, it is a great opportunity to buy, sell, or trade!

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Can't find the book you're looking for on Texchange?

Head to the Secondhand Bookshop (located in Guild Village)
to buy textbooks on the cheap!

Are you a current UWA Student and a Guild member?

Got a textbook you no longer need? Or need a textbook but want to save $$$? TEXCHANGE can help!

TEXCHANGE lets you BUY, SELL or SWAP your textbooks online, And it’s FREE!
Current students can log in with their UWA student ID and Pheme password – no signup required!